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Client software needs no special hardware, it uses computer soundcard.
Client is versatile multitool for ham. With PSKmail client it is possible to use email or get weather forecasts while you are on ocean or desert - but you need to have some knowledge about HF-radio.
Client can send position beacons to APRS-services, and your location can then be seen anywhere over internet. Client also receives location information over HF from other PSKmail-users, and you can see their location on map if mapping software, like Xastir, is used. This does not require internet connection.


Version 1 uses Fldigi as a modem.

Version 2 have own modem included. 



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IR0UGN-8 is a PSKmail server on 10148kHz = 10147kHz DIAL on your RIG.

(Center Frequencies): Dial Center Frequency -1kHz (or your rig's offset!) all USB,
(Receive RSID ON): The server is able to switch modes automatically when you transmit using TxID in your client.

StationCountryTime (UTC)Freq.Beacon min.ModeQSYStatus
IR0UGN-8 ITALY 00:00 - 00:00 10.148.0 1 psk500rsmall.jpg No Active

The stations active on PSKmail are also visible on APRS.