KWOS Station cameras




KWOS Servers' screenshots

Weather Station Scandriglia  - 
Cloud coverage detector - APRS, Winlink, BPQ Gateway

Electric FieldMill - GPS receiver - Sky Quality Meter

ADS-B and ACARS receiver - All Sky Camera

Satellites receiver - Lightning TOA Microsferics



 WIRES-X D-STAR LINK - Seismometer


Air conditioning controller - WINMOR modem

PSKMail server - VARA, ARDOP, AFSK modems

Temperature graphs of KWOS ham radio shack

Status of the KWOS's instrumentation and systems

System or instrument Status Problem Type of maintenance
Weather Station Scandriglia
E-Field Mill Scandriglia    
RDF lightning radar Boltek

TOA lightning radar Blitzortung
Waiting for the new hardware version
Seismic sensor

 Under test the new QM-4.5LV  
Winlink Gateway

APRS gateway

Fusion / WIRES-X Nodes

Clouds detector

Telescope service cam    
Sky Quality Meter    
ADS-B receivers    
NOAA APT Receiver  
MSG-3 Receiver  
TOA lightning radar Microsferics    


I sistemi del KWOS sono amministrati con: