KWOS Station cameras




KWOS Servers' screenshots

Weather Station Scandriglia  - 
Cloud coverage detector - APRS, Winlink, BPQ Gateway

Electric FieldMill - GPS receiver - Sky Quality Meter

ADS-B and ACARS receiver - All Sky Camera

Satellites receiver - Lightning TOA Microsferics



 WIRES-X D-STAR LINK - Seismometer


Air conditioning controller - WINMOR modem

PSKMail server - VARA, ARDOP, AFSK modems

Temperature graphs of KWOS ham radio shack

Status of the KWOS's instrumentation and systems

System or instrument Status Problem Type of maintenance
Netatmo Weather Station 
 External module broken  Replaced with and internal one
Davis Weather Station    
E-Field Mill Scandriglia    
RDF lightning radar Boltek

TOA lightning radar Blitzortung
Waiting for the new hardware version
Seismic sensor

 Under test the new QM-4.5LV  
Winlink Gateway

APRS gateway

Fusion / WIRES-X Nodes

Clouds detector

   Added the wind sensor
Telescope service cam    
Nigh allsky camera    
Sky Quality Meter  Sometimes it stops  Added Kasa switch to reset it remotely
ADS-B receiver    
NOAA APT Receiver  
MSG-3 Receiver  
TOA lightning radar Microsferics    

Maintenance LogBook

I sistemi del KWOS sono amministrati con: