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  •  The NOAA APT satellite receiver now is a new WeSaCom ! . The MSG-3 receiver is always on and is used for the Cloud Cover and Rain Rate predictionnetatmo
  •  A new weather station has been installed in Scandriglia (RI) a Netatmo station.
  •  Do you want to follow the thunderstorms over Rome in real-time ? Take a look to the RT_lightnings page


Two MODE-S/ADS-B 1090MHz receivers have been activated. They are contributing to the FlightRadar24 community. 
Mode-S is a Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) technique that  is very accurate and provides pilots and air traffic
controllers with common air situational awareness for enhanced safety, capacity and efficiency.
ADS-B is a system in which electronic equipment onboard an aircraft automatically broadcasts the precise location of the aircraft via a digital data link.


  •  Now the telescope is fully controlled from the house and can be also controlled with a Team Viewer connection everywhere on Internet. It's also possible to check the movements with an infrared camera.
  •  In the weather & sky page you can find the data coming from the Sky Quality Meter. If you're planning to come in Scandriglia to do astronomical observations, please take a look to it before leaving.
  •  A wide angle camera, very sensible to the light (0x0001 lux), has been installed to catch meteors and lightning.

KWOS Coordinates

Grid locator: jn62je

Lat: 42°10' 07.3" N 
12°47' 09.8" E     
CQ zone:
ITU zone:

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Solar activity and propagation forecast

All Sky camera

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